Stimulate Your Milk Production after Labor - Green Papaya with Pig Feet Soup

I am very fortunate to be able to grow up in the city where you can find almost all the cuisines, they call San Diego is a melting pot. You can literally find so many different cuisines in 1 spot. But let talk about Vietnamese food, especially the one that can help stimulate your milk production. I am very lucky to have my mom with me, because I get to eat her finest cooking everyday. I remembered a few hours after delivery, I would have a hot bowl of papaya with pig feet soup. It might sounds strange to some...pig feet? but if you are Asian I'm sure you heard of this or would had this after you gave birth.

Papaya has so many nutritions, but who would have thought combine it with pig feet or pork ribs would make a great combo -for new mom. I remembered when I was in the labor room I actually craving a bowl of green papaya soup and I had it for a month. ^___^. It is so easy to make, especially with instapot.

Green Papaya with Pig Feet Soup

* 5-6 qt of water (or less)

* 1 small green papaya

* 1 pig feet or pork ribs (ask the butcher to cut it in small pieces)

* 1 bunch of green onion

* Mushroom seasoning powder

* 2 tsp fish sauce

* 1 tbsp rock sugar

* 1 tsp pepper

* 2 tbsp mushroom seasoning

Prepare Broth

* in 1 pot bring water to boil add clean pig feet/pork ribs, bring it to boiled then rinse with cold water

*Put the pig feet in a new clean pot of water on high, take out all the scum so your broth can be clear for 10 mins, then lower the heat to medium low and let it simmer for 30-40 mins (if using instapot set on manual for 15 mins and natural release after)

*Check to see if the pork is softer then add the chopped green papaya let it cook for 10-15 mins (if using instapot set time for 5-6 mins and natural release)

*Add rock sugar, mushroom powder, salt, pepper, fish sauce and taste to your liking

*Add chopped green onion (the more the merrier - good for milk as well)

I hope you like the soup!!! :D

Thanks for reading <3

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