As a mother and a licensed pharmacist, I know how difficult it can be to deal with the stress of taking care of your own health while facing all of the (loving) responsibilities of being a new mother. When I had my first child, I remember an experience where my husband  had to frantically drive around town in search of essential postpartum medications while I had to stay at home. I had just gotten back from the hospital and wasn't able enough to go along. It was a challenging and worrisome time. I wanted to provide my child with the best care possible and mom's health is integral to that goal.


    This is why I created my Postpartum Recovery Kits  to provide moms everywhere with the preparation necessary to their maternal health and to give them peace of mind on their postpartum journey. Postpartum health is extremely important but often overlooked, and this inspires me to provide products resulting in excellent healthcare for all the moms out there. I consider my potential customers as I would my patients, so I hold these products dearly and true to my heart. I hope they will extend a helping hand to anybody who is looking for accessible and experienced postpartum care.

    Thank you for your support.



    Katie Nguyen,  PharmD(mom)

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